RaceConnect combines years of expertise in component and system development with connectivity and cloud competence. The ready-to-use package for vehicle data transmission, storage and post-processing includes hardware, connectivity solutions, software services and system integration expertise.


  • LTE-based online telemetry system for continuous transfer of vehicle data to scalable, location-independent receivers. Secured data transfer and handling between the racecar and the cloud portal.
  • Modular systems architecture and multi-disciplinary engineering expertise yields flexible and fast service enhancement and development according to customer needs.
  • The ready-to-use solution requires no further infrastructure at the track.
  • Realization of any combination of unidirectional communication routes between transmitter, cloud and receiver, for example, multiple transmitters to one receiver or one transmitter to multiple receivers.
  • Full customer control and diagnostics due to accessing racecar data and modem connection status through the cloud interface.