Vehicle Control Unit MS 50.4P incl. CCA HW Upgrade

The VCU MS 50.4P (Performance) is a highly powerful processing / logging unit for race applications. Based on our broad base of platform function, we support you with customized VCU functions for a tailor-made solution.

In addition, you can quickly develop your individual customer software based on MATLAB/Simulink to significantly speed up algorithm development (automatic code and documentation generation) – including extensive simulation capabilities.


  • 866 MHz Dual Core Processor exclusively for vehicle control functionality (MATLAB based)
  • Identical, dedicated 866 MHz Dual Core Processor exclusively for logging purposes
  • High Speed Logging 200 kHz of 6 analog inputs (optional)
  • Real time Ethernet SERCOS 3
  • Event logging, Configurable pre-event logging

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