Radar System

Collision Avoidance System CAS-M light

The collision avoidance system CAS-M light helps the driver to focus on the track and warns him if a car is approaching from behind. The system provides information about relative speed and distance of the closest vehicle on the CAN bus. An additional display with CAN bus interface is required (e.g. DDU 7).

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Radar sensor with integrated logic

Warning for overtake situations

Easy system adaptation

Universal CAN interface for various displays

Collision Avoidance System CAS-M 3

The Collision Avoidance System 3 (CAS-M 3) features a Bosch mid-range radar sensor for a wider field of view in close-up range, a high-performance Bosch Motorsport display for fast video processing and a fast response high definition camera.

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Real-time rearview display

Approaching vehicle tracking

Left/right passing alerts

Improves visibility of objects in rain, mist or darkness