Electric Powertrain

e-GoKart Powertrain "YoungStar"
e-GoKart Powertrain "YoungStar"

The e-GoKart System combines traditional karting and future-oriented technology. High energy and power density of the air-cooled system components are ideal for small and lightweight vehicles like e-GoKarts. With high torque, the e-GoKart System supports convincing driving behavior and fun-to-drive. The e-GoKart System provides high power over a wide range for maximum vehicle speed. By intelligent software, the e-GoKart System gets the best out of the vehicle at any time and any driving profile, energy recuperation included.

The system is safe and reliable based on automotive qualified components and a development approach according to automotive standards. The e-GoKart System is a platform for easy scalability over different vehicle classes and types.

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Ready to use solution (after initial adaption for customer project)

Lowest maintenance costs due to highly reliable electrical powertrain

Advanced software and permanent software monitoring

Excellent drivability due to a customizable control strategy