M5 ABS kit now available for Porsche 991 Gen 1 & Gen 2 Cup Cars

Bosch Motorsport ABS

M5 Race ABS Kit
This kit boasts a host of improvements including:

Enhanced brake performance with further developed ABS control algorithm (for example, corner braking)

Calculation and display of optimal brake balance

New ABS hardware for improved wheel slip control

Extended variety of wheel speed sensors

Improved system robustness due to cancellation of susceptible brake light input

Diagnostics via CAN as driver information (for example, warning messages on driver display)

Optimized performance and shortened braking distance through individual adjustment of slip with respect to downforce

Only one software version for three hardware variants

Hardwired wheel speed sensor signal output

Enhanced MM5.1, 5 axis acceleration sensor, with yaw and roll rate included

System can be configured to utilize incoming CAN message to change maps

Front and rear brake pressures

priced from:

ABS M5 Kit Clubsport
F 02U V05 2919-01

ABS M5 Kit
F 02U V05 289-01

ABS M5 Kit Autosport Connectors
F 02U V05 290-01

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